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  • Two clubhouses: Dolphin & Armadillo
  • Located at: 10280 Dover Ridge

In each room:

  • 120 people maximum
  • 20 - 6’ x 3’ tables
  • 120 folding chairs
  • Kitchenette: sink, microwave, refrigerator
  • Men’s and women’s restrooms

Ideal for Any Event

Perfect for hosting a casual or formal event, large or small. With an open floor plan and options for outdoor entertaining these rooms are popular venues.

Note: Only NWC HOA residents are eligible to rent the clubhouse.

Rental Fees

Money orders, cashier checks, or personal checks with NWC HOA residence address.

Signed contract and deposit required to reserve the clubhouse.

Refundable deposit: $150
Rental fee: $330

Deposit is separate from the Rental fee.

Security Requirements

Required if:

  • Over 70 people in attendance
  • Alcohol is present
  • Majority of guests are teens
  • Fee: $50.00 per hour (3-hour min.)
  • Double security required for 150 people or more in attendance

Deposit Refund Policy

Deposits are cashed and funds held until after the event. Full refund of the deposit will be issued via check if all of the rental rules have been followed. Refund checks can be picked up at the on-site office.

Note: We are not offering pool rentals this year due to no lifeguards being on staff and due to our extended pool hours.

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Clubhouse Use Rules

Before you plan your event and order decorations, please review these rules.

Check Availability

Please fill out our contact form requesting the specific clubhouse and date you want to reserve. We will follow up with you on the next business day.