Open to NWC residents & guests

U6: 4*-5 years
U8: 6-7 years
U11: 8-10
U14: 11-13**

*by Dec 31 of the current year
**may play U14 if 14 years old AND in 8th grade

Fall Soccer

July - Aug

Sept - Nov

Registration is open until Aug 3rd

Download the form and return with payment to the on-site office during office hours.

Or register with the program director and coaches July 27th and Aug 3 in January at the on-site office between 9 and 11 am.


This program is 100% volunteer and needs parent and community to support each season. Every parent of NWC players commits to volunteer when they register their child.

If interested in coaching, assisting, or being a team parent please download the volunteer forms then contact the program director at There's something for everyone's schedule.

Thank you, Volunteers

Our program counts on volunteer parents and coaches - from Program Director to Coach to Team Parent. The kids need you and we appreciate you! There's a way for everyone to participate and get involved!

Our Philosophy

NWC Youth Soccer Program is a place for kids to develop skills, learn teamwork and discipline, and have fun! Referees do not keep an official score. The focus is on developing the player.

Giving Teens Work Experience

NWC Youth Soccer Program hires teens between the ages of 14 and 18 to referee soccer games. We believe in these valuable opportunities for our youth to learn life skills.

For more information

Follow the NWC Youth Soccer Program on Facebook for updates on registration dates and rain-outs.

Contact Us

Most questions are best answered by the program director rather than the NWC HOA on-site office.