Northwest Crossing Association Inc.

Meetings have resumed with a limited occupancy.

10280 Dover Ridge, San Antonio, Texas 78250 Tel: (210) 647-0689

If you would like to address the Board, please email

2020 Proposed Meeting Dates:

Tuesday, February 18
Tuesday, March 17
April 21 - teleconference
May 19 - teleconference
Tuesday, June 16
Wednesday, July 15
Wednesday, August 19
Wednesday, September 16
Wednesday, October 21
Wednesday, November 18

2021 NWC Annual Homeowner Meeting

January 28, 2021
@6:30 pm for registration
Location: Weybridge Clubhouse

Typical Agenda:

I.    Minutes approval
II.   City Council
III. Security
IV. Reports:

A. President
B. Vice president
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer
E. Committees
F. Site Manager:

1. Covenant violations
2. Architectural Control issues
3. Contractor performance
4. Projects

G. Management Company/Office

V.   Old/Unfinished business
VI.  New business