For all emergencies call 9-1-1.

For non-emergencies, call SAPD (210) 227-7201, then call NWC Security Patrol.

NWC Patrol Contact Procedures

  1. Call 210-952-9151.
  2. Identify yourself with your name and home address and include the current time if leaving a message.
  3. Give location/address of incident and nature of the problem.
  4. Give time incident was observed and include description of person(s) and vehicle(s) when appropriate.
  5. Request a call back if desired and give the latest time to return call.
    (Example: Please do not call after 10 pm.)
  6. Give the patrol officer a good call  back number for you.

SRT (Security Reconnaissance Team) Patrol can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you reach voicemail while they are responding to another call please be sure to leave your full name, a call back number, and a brief description of why you are calling, and your address. SRT will not give your name or contact information to anyone without your permission.

SRT Car1 (2)

When you see a SRT officer on your street please wave them down to say hello, ask for their name, and give them yours. They help residents in NWC in countless ways.

  • Assist residents a wide variety of complaints – noise, vandalism and theft, loose animals, suspicious activity to name a few
  • Vacation patrols at residences vacant during short periods of time
  • Clear neighborhood streets of inoperable vehicles in cooperation with SAPD
  • Help children become comfortable with law enforcement officers by interacting with them personally at our neighborhood parks and during their regular patrols
  • Protect animals in cruel situations by working with the city’s Animal Services
  • Report issues to the city – street lights out, vandalism to street signs
  • Coordinate efforts with various government agencies to address crime sprees and illegal behaviors – cluster mail box vandalism and theft this winter was a huge effort and is ongoing
  • Patrol areas not frequented by or within view of residents – green belts, ditches, and tunnels
  • And in many more ways…