Would you like to get occasional updates on what’s going on in your neighborhood?

We recommend three ways to stay in the know.

To find and follow our informational Facebook page, search for NWCSATX in the Facebook app or on the Facebook site. Click the "like" icon and you will automatically receive notifications of our posts as a follower of the page. Feel free to share our page with your friends and neighbors - you don't have to be a resident to follow us.

If you wish to post items and services for sale or lost pets, request to join the"Northwest Crossing BST" group or other community groups managed by residents.

Download the app or go to Nextdoor.com and register for an account. You can personalize settings to receive email updates or alerts to your phone. Although NWC HOA does not regularly monitor Nextdoor posts, many city departments are on Nextdoor, including:

      • SAPD
      • City Code Enforcement
      • Animal Care Services

This is also a great place to ask for recommendations, buy and sell, and report lost and found items and pets.


Email! Send us an email at nwc@nwchoa.org. In the Subject line type: Join. We will add you to our email blast group. We will not send emails more than once a week.