What is the purpose of an HOA?

The goal of a responsible HOA is to protect property value and ensure the neighborhood is a pleasant place to live. The Board of Directors achieves this by maintaining the common assets, managing its finances, and enforcing and setting rules.

What are HOA dues?

HOA dues, or more accurately assessments, are funds paid by a homeowner that are used at the discretion of Association Board of Directors according to by-laws and state laws to promote the purposes of the Association (see above).

NWC homeowners are required to pay an annual assessment every January 1st. The amount may vary from year to year based on the annual budget and cannot be increased more than 8% annually. The amount of the assessment is the same for all properties in NWC.

Does NWC have customer service?

NWC residents enjoy the convenience of an on-site office open 20 hours weekly. Two part-time staff members are available to assist residents with obtaining NWC photo ID cards, payments for assessments or fines, rentals of NWC facilities, and answering general questions. NWC staff also plan community events, maintain the website and social media pages, and publish the eNewsletter.

Those wishing to address collection action taken or deed restriction violation notices need to contact Patriot HOA Management by phone or email.

What is the Board of Directors?

The Board consists of seven elected, volunteer homeowners in NWC. They are not paid for their time nor do they receive discounts on their annual assessment. Positions vary by term length: five 3-year term positions and two 1-year term positions. The elected Board collectively determines which members will fill specific officer positions - President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three positions for Member at Large. There is no limit to the number of times a resident can be re-elected to the Board.

How does one get elected to the Board?

Elections for Board positions are held at the NWC Annual Homeowner Meeting every January. The meeting is announced in a letter included with each homeowner's annual statement mailed in December, on our website, in the eNewsletter, and on the two NWC marquees.

Any NWC homeowner in good standing is eligible to be nominated for a Board position. Votes cast in person and by proxy are tallied and results are reported at the Annual Homeowner Meeting, on our website, and in the eNewsletter.

Those intending to submit their name for a nomination are invited to contact the on-site office if they wish to be included in the Oct/Nov issue of the eNewsletter article regarding Board elections. Nominations may also be made at the Annual Homeowner Meeting; intention to nominate does not have to be expressed ahead of time.

What is a proxy form?

The proxy form is part of the Annual Homeowner Meeting notice and is mailed with the annual statement. By completing the form you acknowledge the scheduled Annual Homeowner Meeting but because you are unable to attend, the Association can simply count your proxy for the purposes of obtaining a quorum.

The Association must collect proxy forms to compensate for non-attendance at the Annual Homeowner Meeting. Attendance and proxies must total 199 in order to form a quorum and legally hold the meeting. Without a quorum the meeting must be rescheduled. This amounts to a nearly $4,000 bill to mail another round of meeting notices.

Does the proxy form give the Board my vote?

In addition to helping the Association acquire a quorum to hold the Annual Homeowner Meeting, the proxy also gives homeowners the option to transfer their vote for any elections or other decisions that require a vote to another homeowner or Board member.

The homeowner will indicate the name of another homeowner to whom they wish to transfer their vote. They may also choose to write in "Board" on the form to give their vote to the Board collectively. If the space indicated for vote transfer is left blank, the homeowner's vote will not be transferred; the proxy will be used for the purpose of acquiring a quorum only.

The proxy forms must be received by a date prior to the Annual Homeowner Meeting specified on the proxy form to be counted.

Can any homeowner obtain proxies or just the Board?

All NWC homeowners can obtain approved proxy forms and solicit other homeowners to complete a form. Only one form per homeowner is permitted. Forms must be signed and dated by the homeowner and include the homeowner's NWC property address.

Blank proxy forms may be requested from the on-site office or directly from Patriot HOA Management.

How do I access NWC facilities?

A NWC photo ID card is required for use of any NWC facility or property. These include parks and picnic areas, trails, pools, tennis courts, and sportsplex. Instructions and eligibility for the ID card is provided on our website: click here.

Can I hold team practices on NWC property?

It is possible for residents to hold team practices for a league or organization outside the Association on NWC property, such as at a park or on the soccer fields or baseball backstop at the Sportsplex. The residents must contact the on-site office to make necessary arrangements. These will include a schedule of practices and insurance information. NWC must be included on the policy as an additional insured and proof must be provided to the NWC on-site office. If these conditions and any other prescribed are not met, residents and their guests will not be permitted to stay on the property.