New NWC CellBadge ID System!

Starting in January 2021, Northwest Crossing implemented a new IDCard System. CellBadge is a safe security badging application that uses your smart phone as your ID card.

If you are ready to get started just follow the steps below:

  • Log into:
  • To register, select “Initial Add Request” and you will receive a PIN number, log in using that PIN and then enter your last name, address, phone number, emergency phone number, and email address.
  • Al information will be confirmed and approved by an administrator and you will be sent a confirmation email. The first year, an administrator will need to add your photo and confirm proof of residence. Please send photos to (do not forget to assign name to each picture!), and attach proof of residence for all adults (18+) living in the household (utility bill, medical correspondence, insurance or Driver’s License).
  • After you receive the “Welcome Message” click the link, the link will take you to another window requesting a phone number (the phone number should be the main registration number for all adults), a code will be sent to the registration number, enter the code to access the final step. Once operational, you will be able to use your smart phone to access pools and tennis courts by clicking in the facility you want to access.