Contact NWC Patrol

G4S 24-hour Security Patrol Officer – cellular (call or text)…… 363-5770

Emergency and NWC Patrol Contact Procedures
In the event of an emergency requiring Fire, Medical (EMT), or Police dial – 911
If a circumstance occurs where you believe our NWC Patrol should be involved

Here is how you do it: Dial 210-363-5770 then:
1.      Identify yourself with your name and home address. (include time if
leaving a message)
2.      Give location and nature of the problem. (If event is not current,
state time of observation) Also include description of person(s) or
vehicle(s) when appropriate.
3.      State if you wish a call back and the latest time to return call.
(Example: do not call after 10pm)
4.      State phone number you wish them to call you back on.