Private Pool Parties

Dover Ridge Pool – most evenings between 8:00pm-12:00am (exception: when water aerobics or swim lessons are in session)

Weybride Pool– most evenings (exception: when swim team holds evening practices)

  • Two weeks advance notice is required to obtain lifeguards (no exceptions)
  • Parties may not be larger than 60 people
  • Morning pool parties 10am-12 noon only on Saturday and Sunday


  • $100.00 refundable deposit
  • $80 for a two hour rental
  • $111.25 for a three hour rental
  • $125 for a four hour rental


$30.00 per hour/per guard with a minimum of 2 guards required

  • 0-29 guests-2 guards required
  • 30-45 guests-3 guards required
  • 45-60 guests-4 guards required


If alcohol is served or if the party is a teen-related party, a security guard is required at $25.00 per hour. Security is arranged by NWC.*
Payment MUST be received for pool use, lifeguards, and security (if needed) two weeks in advance; no payments will be accepted at the pool.

*A minimum of 3 hours is required.