NWC Pool Rules

Northwest Crossing Pool Rules

The following rules and regulations are for the protection and benefit of all to assure safe and sanitary operation of the pool facilities.  Your cooperation in abiding by these conditions will afford pleasant relaxation and recreation for all members/guests.  Parents are requested to caution their children to observe all rules and regulations.

Failure to comply with these rules shall be considered cause for any action deemed necessary by the Management, including the temporary suspension of violators from the use of the pool area.

The pool manager will be in charge of qualified lifeguards.  Both of whom will be under the direct supervision of the Management.  All members and guests using the pool will be required to register with the attendant and the member must accompany any guest.  Your assistance is not only needed but also required to make this pool a safe and enjoyable facility.

  1. All members ages six (6) and older must bring their ID cards to be admitted into the pool.  One family member may not sign in others in the same household.
  2. No one shall use the pool unless it is officially open and lifeguards are on duty.
  3. The on-duty lifeguards will be in charge of the pool operation and are responsible for the enforcement of the Rules and Regulations.  All persons must obey the instructions of the lifeguards.
  4. The Association, lifeguards, and Board of Directors will not be responsible for loss or damage to any personal property of any kind.
  5. All persons using the facility do so at their own risk in conformance with the rules and regulations.  Any person may be suspended from the recreational facilities, at the sole discretion of the lifeguard in charge, for violations of the rules and regulations or for any other reason, which in their judgment, constitutes a hazard to others.
  6. After a person has been removed from the pool area twice, he/she or a parent (if a minor) will be notified in writing.  After the third removal, the person will be suspended from using the pool area, and the ID card will be confiscated.  Re-instatement will occur upon approval of the Board of Directors only.
  7. No pets are allowed in the pool area.
  8. Admission will be refused to all persons having any infectious diseases, colds, nasal or ear discharges, or any communicable diseases of any kind.
  9. Glassware is forbidden in the pool area.
  10. No alcohol is allowed in the pool area.
  11. Food will be allowed in the pool area; however, no cooking will be allowed inside the fenced area.  No food, drinks, bottles, or gum chewing is permitted at the pool’s edge or in the pool.
  12. All trash such as food wrappers, soda cans, etc. must be placed in containers provided for such use.
  13. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.
  14. Skates, skateboards, bicycles and similar devices will not be allowed inside the pool area.
  15. Each ADULT member is allowed to sign in guests.  A resident of NWCHOA cannot be signed in as a guest. An adult with their NWC photo ID card may sign in up to 4 guests at the Weybridge pool when it is open, 4 guests on weekdays at the Dover Ridge pool, and 4 guests on Friday-Sunday at Dover Ridge pool.
  16. Children nine (9) years and under must be accompanied by an Association member or holder of a temporary pass, ages sixteen (16) or older.
  17. Proper swimming attire must be worn by anyone entering the water. No cut-offs, diapers, street shirts, etc. will be allowed in the pool.  A plain white t-shirt may be worn for additional protection.
  18. Children must be proficient swimmers to be allowed in the deep area of the pool.  Their proficiency will be determined by the lifeguards’ standards.
  19. Floating devices attached to the swimmer for safety is allowed in the shallow end only.
  20. No inner tubes, balls, Frisbees, snorkels, glass lens facemasks, or glass lens goggles may be used in the pool.  Nerf balls and similar playing equipment are allowed at the discretion of the lifeguards, as long as their use does not interfere with other people.
  21. Running, horseplay, wrestling, ball playing, or causing undue disturbance in or about the pool is not allowed.
  22. Spitting or spouting water, dunking, running, scuffling, or horseplay of any kind is not allowed.  Abusive or profane language will NOT be tolerated.
  23. No loitering on ladders.
  24. No diving.
  25. Pool games are allowed at the discretion of the lifeguards.
  26. Injuries should be reported to the lifeguards immediately.
  27. The lifeguards will declare a fifteen (15) minute rest period once every hour on the fourth quarter hour.  Only persons eighteen (18) and older will be allowed to swim at that time.
  28. No pool equipment, furniture, etc. may be removed from the pool area.
  29. Radios and sound equipment must be kept at a reasonable volume and will be monitored at the lifeguards’ discretion.  No loud radios or sound systems will be allowed.
  30. No loitering in the restrooms or parking lots.
  31. Pool area parking lot must be vacated upon pool closing.
  32. No photography or video recording is allowed without approval of the HOA.**

*The lifeguards have the authority to use their judgment in making decisions regarding the enforcement of the Rules and Regulations.  Any disagreement of the rules and regulations or the method of enforcement should be directed to the Board of Directors at 647-0689.

These rules and regulations may be amended of added to at any time by the approval of the Board of Directors.

**Lifeguards may allow photography and or video recording with approval of those being photographed or recorded. Private Parties, social events, and sporting events may allow photography/video recording with permission of the individuals hosting the event (i.e. swim teams, water aerobics, parties).